Attractive Distractions World Premiers

By October 7, 2014 GREEN ROOM No Comments


Dates for Attractive Distractions So. Cal viewings. First up is Wed. Oct 8th at WaveHouse in San Diego Ca. This viewing is free for all with a autograph signing and free giveaways! The following 2 dates, do have a small cover charge, so check details on those. After being lucky enough to see a few clips of the film, let me tell you that if you love surfing, then you must watch this film. The brain child of Albee Layer and Take Shelter Productions.  Attractive Distractions takes you beyond your own imagination through amazing cinematography, exploring the best surf spots in the world, with epic brain melting surfing that will leave you speechless. Starring, Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Clay Marzo, John John Florence, Ryan Hipwood, Tyler Larronde and many more. Go watch this film!!!!!!