Maca is an ancient and nutritious superfood that was eaten by Incan warriors to boost their strength and stamina.  This superfood hails from the high mountain regions of Peru. For centuries, it was farmed and eaten by the Andean tribes that lived in these high mountain valleys.  When the Incas arrived in this region they immediately discovered the potent nature of this herb and embraced its nutritional power.  Centuries later, a decline in maca farming nearly led to the plant’s extinction. Fortunately, today maca is still grown by the ancestors of the Andean people on small family farms primarily in the Junin region of Peru.  It is a staple food in this remote area where it is used in a large variety of foods.   This unique vegetable has become a source of Peruvian pride as it is rapidly being discovered by the rest of the world. Maca’s growing popularity provides the Andean people who plant and harvest this crop with health, vigor and a stable livelihood so they can continue to preserve their way of life in the mountains of Peru.  There, they live off the earth and hold the natural bounties and mysteries of the mountains sacred.

Today, maca is eaten by elite athletes around the world as a powerful part of their nutritional regime.  Maca powder can be put into shakes and smoothies but REV’D wanted to put it into a convenient, portable nutrition bar that you can easily take with you  anywhere life brings you.  REV’D bars Fuel The World’s Most Incredible Atheltes™. Now REV’D™ bars with wholesome ingredients and maca superfood can fuel your life.


Maca is good food that has been eaten for thousands of years.  It is not a stimulant like caffeine, ginseng, guarana or similar supplements. REV’D® bars are about nutrition to keep you going. Eating REV’D® bars with maca in your daily diet will help provide you with good nutrtion that sustains you throughout the day and helps you feel healthy and vital.  You’ll find that the nutrition in our bars will keep you going and make you feel great.  Just try our bars and see for yourself.  They provide sustained energy and can be eaten along with energy drinks, coffee, green tea or other sources of quick energy if desired.


I first discovered maca on an adventure through Peru and felt the potent herb fuel my journey. When I returned home, I was hooked. I began eating this nutritious superfood daily in my own, homemade brownie bars. My friends and I called them REV’D® bars because that’s the way they made us feel. Eventually I realized this was a secret too good to keep. Now you can let our great tasting, premium nutrition bars with maca fuel everything you love to do. I hope you’ll give our delicious bars a try and feed your need with REV’D®.

-Paul, Founder of REV’D PROVISION CO, LLC

The Peruvian Andes, once the center of the Inca Empire, are themselves one of the most breathtaking and spiritual locations on earth. These mountains possess a unique beauty, tranquility and energy. So it is no surprise that such a magical region gave birth to this potent superfood that somehow grows and thrives in some of the harshest, windiest and coldest conditions imaginable for farming. Unbelievably, maca is grown at altitudes of 13 – 14,000 feet above sea level where the atmosphere is very thin. Just getting to these spectacular mountain valleys is a bit of a trek. Peru itself is a country worthy of exploring. From its Pacific shores, with some of the longest waves in world, to the thriving skate, graffiti and art culture of Lima, to the breathtaking mysteries of Machu Picchu, Peru offers much to discover along with good food, great beer and amazing people.