Big Horn Expedition

This past May, REV’D snowboarder Mark Carter fulfilled his dream of exploring the yet to be ridden terrain of the Big Horn mountain range near his summer home in Ten Sleep Wyoming. With Carter leading the pack, he filled his crew with some of the most experienced bad ass’s in snowboarding. Bryan Iguchi, Forrest Shearer and Willie McMillon (Bluebird wax and snowboards) The guys were joined by a film crew for a documentary of epic proportions to explore the yet to be ridden chutes of this wild zone. Mark has been trying to do this Big Horn Expedition for many years now, but with the hectic and busy lifestyle that comes with being a professional snowboarder, he could never find the time to pull it off. Well, he finally had his chance and jumped on it. These are just a few photos of their excursion. They are currently working on a documentary style movie to tell the story of what they discovered in this untamed wilderness.  Although we wish we could have taken part in this adventure, we are happy knowing that our REV’D maca superfood bars helped keep the crew going throughout their journey.  All photos shot by Mark Carter carterphoto IMG_6790 IMG_6793      IMG_6894 IMG_6848