REV’D has partnered with the MMJ FOUNDATION,  a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation, to form FALLEN ATHLETES FUND.  Our mission is to raise funds that will be used to help professional extreme sports athletes and their families in the event of serious injury or death.  Currently, when adverse events occur, the steps taken to provide assistance to the athletes and their families take place after the tragedy has happened.  This is a “too-little, too-late” approach that doesn’t serve the athletes and the companies that support them very well.  REV’D PROVISION CO, LLC will contribute a portion of its profits to support FALLEN ATHLETES FUND and will work to recruit other companies in skate, surf, snow and other action sports to become PARTNER sponsors of the fund.


In major-league sports such as football, basketball and baseball, all athletes on a team make a good living -not just the superstars.  But in extreme sports only a handful of athletes hit the big time.  Most sponsored, professional athletes in skate, snow, surf, moto and other action sports are taking enormous risks to entertain and inspire us despite relatively modest compensation. Often, these athletes earn just enough to get from one competition to the next. Of course they are driven by passion. These are the individuals that push the limits of human athleticism to new heights and inspire a new crop of kids to start skating, surfing, snowboarding or riding a dirt bike.  The athletes that amaze and inspire us deserve to know that support will be in place if something were to happen.  Even with insurance, co-payments and other costs can add up quickly. Injuries can be so serious that intense therapy is often required.  Loss of life is also a tragic reality in these sports. The sorrow and grief that follow a loss of life are only further aggravated by the absence of a breadwinner and the costs associated with a funeral.  FALLEN ATHLETES FUND hopes to assist the families of these athletes with death expenses and support during their time of grief.  By spearheading FALLEN ATHLETES FUND we hope to get industry-wide backing to put a safety net in place for all the professional action sports athletes that are taking human athleticism to the next level.

-Paul, Founder of REV’D PROVISION CO. LLC