Mark Healey is a living legend in the surfing world. Hailed as one of surfing’s toughest surfers with his uncanny ability to be immune to fear. Once called the “Charles Bronson of surfing” (surfer mag) Healey has developed an unmatched comfort level on the world’s largest most dangerous waves.

Born on the island of Oahu Hi. Healey discovered the ocean practically at birth. Heading out with his father to surf at the age of 3, Mark developed a love and respect for the ocean very early on. Having the North Shore as your home break, Healey quickly gained the attention of the surfing press turning pro at the young age of 17. Many years later Mark is still on top of the surfing world, charging the biggest meanest waves on earth. Aside from his legendary surfing career, Mark is a true waterman, pro spear fisherman, free diver, bow hunter, Hollywood stuntman and conversationalist. Healey has taken advantage of his gift that surfing has given him, using it to travel the far corners of the world that most people will never see.

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