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This past summer we decided it was time to get the skate team together for a little camping trip.  The goal, to drive north  to the Eastern Sierra’s in California in hopes of some good ol’ fashioned fun! Camping, fishing, hot springs, and of course to try our luck at the now infamous Mammoth Brothers skatepark. The crew was all time, and consisted of Willie Kimbel, Tom Remillard, Stu Graham, Arto Saari, and with his foot in a boot and unable to shred, our young brethren Malky came in tow to root on the boys.  Brothers park is quickly becoming infamous for how gnarly it is. Massive over vert walls, all facing a little down hill, this place has potential to either be one of the funnest parks you ever skate, or…… you can just as easily end up in the emergency room broken. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing some of the best photo’s taken on the trip from our man behind the lens, Mr Arto Saari. Enjoy!

BLOG-Rev'd_01_1009433p: Arto Saari

BLOG-Rev'd_02_1009193Willis Kimbel p: Arto Saari

BLOG-Rev'd_03_1009219Willis Kimbel p: Arto Saari

BLOG-Rev'd_04_1003200Malky, creature of comfort.

p: Arto Saari


I’ve been to Brother’s park many times before. Never have seen anyone skate the bowl in the back. Until Willis destroyed it with endless lines. Switch crooks over the death box.

p: Arto Saari